Dear Tumblr…

Make  your scrolling/reblogging a more smoother experience. It’s so choppy. I’d honestly spend more time on here if it were smoother.

What I’d give to spend a day with you.
With your love absent, I don’t know what to do.
I miss the time we spent together, and the special moments we shared.
My love for you has already been declared.
What I’d give to spend a day with you…

Happy thoughts and memories.
Picnics, with a summer breeze.
Cuddled up enjoying a show
Where did the time go?
What I’d give to spend a day with you…

The bond we shared
We both really cared
I pray to a God that I know doesnt exist
That you wont have to be missed.
That we’d spend the rest of our days together.

What is big bang theory ?


It’s a terrible sitcom with humor that rests on the three pillars of male nerd entitlement:

  1. A STEM degree makes you superior to everyone else.
  2. Autism makes you an insufferable genius, to hilarious effect.
  3. Women are for conquest and will never be interested in your hobbies.

I hope that clears things up.




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